Hire Me

Why Should You Hire Me?

That is a great question, you have quite the advantage over me since you know what you are looking for while I am still in the process of learning about your interests.

From what I read above it sounds like you are looking for a writer with the following qualities?

  • Tested SEO expertise especially one who knows their way around appropriate keyword research as well as search intent?
  • Writes appropriately in the second person pronoun and has the ability to write conversational articles with great internal linking strategies?

Is that correct?

In that case I’d like to tell you that in last 5 years I have written hundreds of articles as a freelancer as well as blog owner so I really understand what it means to write SEO article on targeted keywords with a sprinkle of LSI keywords all through the article.

I use premium Grammarly and Copyscape for editing and proofreading and I have never turned in an article 1hr later.

Before writing a single word, I conduct immense research of the client’s products in a bid to understand the best angle to write for the customer’s best engagement.

I look forward to creating content with you.


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