How To Get Famous On Tiktok: 20 Things You Must Do To Get Tiktok Famous

How To Get Famous On Tiktok: 20 Things You Must Do To Get Tiktok Famous

How to Become Famous On Tiktok

Recently, the most recurring questions we receive in droves are from intending to find out how to get famous on Tiktok fast.

As you already know, Tiktok on of the top apps in the online space right now with over a 100Million downloads.

The TikTok trends are in frenzy now with many active users getting on the trend daily.

 I am sure this is the reason why many people are looking for the best ways to learn how to get famous on Tiktok fast to either leverage the popularity for personal or business reasons.

I have a lot of people who have invested money learning through detailed TikTok Mastery courses and how to best utilize TikTok for their businesses for as long as the TikTok trend stays on, this is because they understand the need to get moving the right moving train.

I am sure you must have heard about the TikTok leggings by now, this is a typical example of a business that is perfectly utilizing the TikTok trend to push their businesses forward and as far as I know, the result is booming like wildfire, I for one caught the trend and a few weeks ago I got my own TikTok leggings.

Right, you may not have a business to promote but you just need to get popular on TikTok just like other social media platform, this is great too because if you succeed in getting famous on TikTok now, in the long run, you will end up earning money through your TikTok if you are intentional about it.

This is why I have taken my time to give a detailed list of 20 things you must do to get Tiktok famous as fast as possible.

Before we proceed to list out the 20 things you need to get TikTok famous, let’s have a look at the other questions we have received from our readers in the past few weeks which is one of the reasons for this blog post.

Is It Easy To Get Famous On Tiktok?How to get famous on Tiktok

Now here is the question that most people want to get answers to, how easy is it to get famous on Tiktok? 

As you already know, getting famous and having a lot of followers on any social media platform requires hard work and smart work.

You have to know what you are doing and know the best strategies to deploy to get yourself to the top.

You cannot just create a Tiktok account and the next minute 100000 people start following you.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that it is extremely easy to get such followers in a twinkle of an eye and this is why they end up buying software promising 100000 followers in 24 hours.

Well, such software may exist and may deliver the result you need but the question, what is the quality of such followers delivered, and how sure are you that they are not bot followers which may pose more problems for you in the future.

Hence, the answer to your question is very simple, It is not entirely easy to get famous on TikTok but with the 20 things I am about to list out for you, you will find out that the application of the strategies will make it extremely easy to get TikTok famous as soon as possible.

How Do You Get Tiktok Famous In One Day?

How to get famous on Tiktok

This is another question that most newbies on TikTok ask often, well Tiktok seems to be the only app where people become famous overnight because the level of organic reach is out of this world.

It looks like a place where you can just sign up and the next minute you are the next big thing on everyone’s screen which is a very solid reason why everyone wants to become famous overnight on Tiktok.

But can I tell you something although I do not think that desiring to become famous overnight on Tiktok is a bad thing but I think it is important that you know the basics and follow the Tiktok Perfect strategy especially if you want to make money on Tiktok in the future?

One of the major ways most people become famous in a day on TikTok is by buying followers.

Yes, a lot of Tiktokers buy followers on TikTok and if you have the money to spend you may end up getting over 10000 followers in one day.

This will be good for you only if you do not have any business you want to promote on TikTok in the future and if you do not want to identify with any niche on TikTok but if on the contrary, you have a business that you will need a TikTok account to promote in the future.

I will strongly advise against any activity that looks like buying followers for you TikTok because that will be a suicide mission for your account due to the sophisticated nature of TikTok’s policy.

Instead of buying followers, It will be much better to learn thoroughly through any available Tiktok Mastery Course, how to set up your TikTok from start to finish and how to position your TikTok as a brand that will end up helping you to move your forward in the future.

How Do You Get Big On Tiktok Overnight?

Apart from how to get famous on Tiktok, a lot of people also ask us the question, How do you get to become big on TikTok overnight?

Just like I mentioned earlier, becoming famous on TikTok overnight is not entirely impossible but the question is, how good is the outcome of this popularity achieved overnight on TikTok?

One method that people utilize to get famous on TikTok is buying followers which I mentioned earlier that doing that is like committing suicide on your account because the ripple effect will most likely affect your TikTok account.

Another method that some Tiktokers use to get famous governing on TikTok is Bot, there are some bots that you can set up and it allows you to get numerous followers on Tiktokers.

While this sounds like a really great idea you must get prepared for what the aftereffect of using such bots will be on your Tiktok account especially if you have plans to monetize your Tiktok for business in the future.

So while it is easier to just set up the bot, then relax and watch the followers roll in mass, is it not better you take a few days of your time and enroll probably in a TikTok for a business course to learn all the Tiktok compliant strategies that will help you position yourself as an authority on the app and watch yourself become famous on TikTok in no distant time.

This is the simplest way to become TikTok famous in a short period of time.

Below, I am going to list out the 20 Strategies you must follow to become TikTok famous in a short period of time if you can carefully deploy these strategies.

Here are 20 things you must do if you want to become famous on Tiktok;

  1. Be nice to all
  2. Respect all
  3. Find your niche
  4. Research your chosen audience
  5. Don’t criticize anyone on the app
  6. You have to post 2-3 videos per day
  7. Choose one or more topics at the beginning to attain fame
  8. Optimize your Tiktok profile
  9. Don’t follow too many people 
  10. Post original content often
  11. Connect to your other social media channels to cross-promote
  12. Collaborate with other content creators
  13. Post consistently
  14. Post-high-quality content
  15. Think outside the box
  16. Identify trends and partake in them
  17. Accept that your content won’t be what everyone likes
  18. Collaborate with brands
  19. Embrace who you are
  20. Learn the business aspect of TikTok

Be Nice All

Becoming famous as a newbie on a new platform requires strategies and plans, which when deployed right will prove extremely important judging by the results.

As you start making videos on Tiktok you will start getting video views as well as comments.

The ideal thing to do to your growing follower list to be nice to all of them especially the commenters as they will become the ones who will make you popular on the platform.

Reply to every comment with kindness and be nice when you deal with your followers, this will make them like you more and share your videos hence exposing you to a wider audience of people who will, in turn, watch your videos and then follow.

Respect All

It is one thing with some people who are on social media to become rude at the slightest feeling of popularity and then end up disrespecting their followers.

Respect every viewer, liker as well as commenter, this will make your profile a place where they feel valued and safe to drop their comments at any time without the fear of getting bashed.

Respect all and watch your views grow by the day.

Find Your Niche

The first you need to do on signing up on any social media platform is to choose a niche.

You have to determine the topics and subjects you want to be talking about.

Niching down your handle is one of the best ways to create a focus for yourself as you will not want to become a jack of all trades and master of none.

There are many niches on the internet, all you have to do is choose one that you are sure you can create unique content on and then start creating content around it.

Having a niche will make it easier for you to monetize in the future because your entire profile is already filled with a targeted audience that you can easily monetize without any further filtering.

If you want to become famous on TikTok then you choose a unique niche and then work towards becoming an authority in your chosen niche.

Research Your Chosen Audience

Once you have chosen your niche, the next thing you need to do is launch extensive research of the audience in the niche you have chosen.

You need to research their age, demographics, things they like, attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences, or behaviors.

Researching your audience is a very important aspect of becoming famous on TikTok. You don’t need to make the mistake of giving your audience the wrong content because you failed to make extensive research on your audience.

Knowing your audience will help you to give them the best content tailored to their specific likes, needs, and preferences.

Don’t Criticize Anyone On The App

If you want to become famous on Tiktok then you must stay away from situations that will make you criticize people on the app be no matter who it is.

Remember that we talked about being kind and respectful on the app? 

Yeah in addition to being respectful you must also learn not to criticize people on the app no matter the circumstances be it your followers or other creators.

Maintain your lane as much as possible and let your followers have that feeling that your profile is a safe place for them and not a place to get criticized all the time.

You Have To Post 2-3 Videos Per Day

How many times do I have to post a day to get famous? This is one of the major questions we get asked on daily basis by Tiktokers.

The answer to this question is to post as much as you can in a day but on average make sure to post 2-3 engaging videos in a day.

Posting 2-3 engaging videos in a day will draw more followers to you and get you more video views daily.

In all make sure to be consistent, and post engaging videos that will get you video views.

Choose One or More Topics At The Beginning To Attain Fame

When you are starting on TikTok avoid the temptation of creating content on every topic on the platform.

 Choose one or more topics at a time and concentrate on creating quality and unique content that will engage your audience so that they will continue coming back for more.

Optimize Your Tiktok Profile

To become famous on TikTok you need to create appropriate details about yourself and optimize your profile.

Optimize your profile with an appropriate username, captions, bio, and hashtags. Doing this will make your profile unique and make it easier for your followers to always find you amidst over 500M users on TikTok

Don’t Follow Too Many People

Another major mistake most new account owners face on Tiktok is trying to follow numerous accounts while trying to gather more followers for themselves.

I have never been a fan of follow-for-follow as a strategy to growing followership on any social media platform, this is because I prefer to grow my list based on a particular niche and audience such that it will be very easy for me to monetize my social media account anytime I want to so without having to do any extra work.

For this reason, when you are starting on TikTok be sure to follow only accounts that reflect the long-term goals you have for your platform after choosing and researching your audience.

Do not go around following every random account that does not fall into your target audience as this will become extra work for you whenever you want to use your Tiktok for business in the future.

Post Original Content Often

If you must grow your, followers, on Tiktok and become famous then you must learn how to create unique and original content.

Create, original content and post them.

Posting original content often on Tiktok you will end up attracting more followers to your Tiktok and getting more followers will be your journey to Becoming famous on the platform.

Connect Your Account To Your Other Social Media Channels To Cross-Promote

If you are building a following on TikTok and your follower base starts increasing, the right thing to is to connect your other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc so you can cross-promote your content on all the other channel

This is the best way to direct the traffic you are getting from Tiktok to your other social media handle and grow your other handles simultaneously

You will be losing a lot of followers if you fail to connect your other social media platforms to your growing Tiktok platform.

This is something you need to if you really want to know how to get famous on Tiktok

Collaborate With Other Content Creators In Your Niche

There are many top content creators on Tiktok that have already built their followers. 

Once you start building your followership on Tiktok then it’s time to start getting in touch with other content creators in your niche.

Of course, we all know the essence of collaboration and its impact on you as a growing Tiktoker.

Collaborating with other Tiktokers will help your Tiktok account to grow really fast.

Post Consistently

Growing on any social media platform and becoming famous comes with a whole lot of work. 

One of the major works you must do when growing your Tiktok is to devise a very effective Tiktok content strategy and will enable to you post consistently on Tiktok.

If you post like a ghost on Tiktok you will lose potential followers and your followers may end up forgetting you.

To prevent this your content strategy must be on top of the game and allow you to have enough content to post consistently on Tiktok.

Post-High-Quality Content

As much it is great to post consistently on Tiktok, it is also important to post high-quality content.

High-quality content will position your handle as a unique brand that gives the desired quality your audience needs.

Don’t just post random things on Tiktok, choose topics that will resonate with your chosen audience and propel them to share your post, when your followers share your posts it will help you to get more followers because more people will see your posts and engage in them.

Think Outside the Box

If you want to create unique content on your Tiktok account then you must think outside the box.

Creating unique content requires creative thinking and moving away from what every other person is doing already.

This way you will position your brand as a unique and creative brand thereby getting more followers daily.

Identify Trends And Partake In Them.

Tiktok is home to trends and if you want to become famous on TikTok you must learn to identify the trends and take part in them. During the period of trending videos is the time at which followers are increased, you should jump on it and make the best out of the trends.

Accept That Your Content Won’t Be What Everyone Likes

Most times when we start on a platform newly, we often make the mistake of thinking that everybody will jump on it and start liking our content.

This is not always the case as there are people who will not like our content and it is totally normal for them not to, all you have to do is make sure that you are creating the best contents tailored according to your audience needs and then accept the fact that even though your contents are great and all there are still people who will like it.

So instead of obsessing over the tiny majority that doesn’t like your content, you will use that time to focus more on making better content for the majority that likes your content and engages with it

Collaborate With Brands 

The best way to see your Tiktok platforms grow really rapidly is to start collaborating with brands and start positioning yourself for more future co-operations with the brands.

You may want to ask you can get access to brands to co-operate with.

 Well, you can research the brands in your chosen niche and reach out to them for collaborations.

Embrace Who You Are

Learn how to embrace yourself as a beginner on Tiktok, doing this will give you the confidence to create unique contents that will resonate very well with the people who follow you.

Learn The Business Aspect of Tiktok 

When you have implemented the 20 things you must do to become TikTok famous, now it is time to learn the Business aspect of Tiktok.

For You to know how to get famous on Tiktok, learning the Tiktok for business is very important if you are looking forward to making Tiktok another stream of income in the future.

The truth is that sometimes you will need mentorship to excel at something and get it all figured out especially from someone who was able to figure it out.

Is that not why we go to school and get caught, of course, you can learn on your own without any external help but sometimes it is good to ride on the back of well-laid plans by a person who already figured it out to get the desired result.

You can do this by taking the Tiktok for business mastery Course that over 764 Tiktokers have taken over the past year and have gone on to become Tiktok famous with implementation over a period of 60 days.

So Here you have a well-detailed list of 20 things you must do you want to know how to become famous on Tiktok.

Now it is time to start implementing immediately so that you can start seeing results.

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